Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Getting Around In Ireland - Part 2 Trains

Irish Rail Engine entering Athenry Station
Trains are a comfortable and economical way to travel throughout Ireland, most of the time. This blog discusses some of the ins and outs of using Irish rail that will make your experience much smoother.  The primary focus is on Heuston Station in Dublin, and the Dublin to Galway rail route. This is the route taken most often by our visitors and ourselves.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Irish-English versus American-English

After living in Ireland for a few years, we seamlessly switch between Irish English and American English. OK, it’s almost seamless. Despite accompanying many of our guests, we’ve encountered a few times when they ask for one thing and get another, and listening to the interaction, we only realized the potential misunderstanding after the fact. At the risk of taking away some of the Irish language encounters that would add to your vacation memories, I will attempt to give you a minimal guide to Irish English ... Definitely different from American English.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Galway County

Galway City and Inishmore are just the tip of the iceberg when seeing Galway County … the best part, but just the tip. This blog talks about some Galway County sightseeing options that can be added to your itinerary if your holiday schedule allows additional time and the options match your interests. Some of them may even be on the way to your next destination.

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Getting Around in Ireland - Part 1

For most people visiting Ireland from North America, cars are not the best way to get around … for a variety of reasons (see some of my earlier blogs). A combination of mass transit, taxis, and an occasional rental car may be your least stressful as well as a thrifty option for your transportation. In addition, by taking mass transit, you get an opportunity to meet fellow passengers and the drivers; and get a feel for the nuances of the Irish culture. It will take you slightly longer to take mass transit, and it does have some time restrictions, but you can also do fun and productive things while in transit (reading about your next stop, trip journal writing, etc. ). You can also use the time to catch up on your sleep, and be ready to take on the pubs at your destination for the day.😉

I’ll start start with an overview of car rental pricing and then discuss mass transit options and their pros and cons.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

The Aran Islands: Inishmore

I’ve been slowly but surely describing a couple of possible itineraries for your visit to Ireland, the southern and northern loops. So far, I’ve described things to experience, places to stay, and restaurants for day 1 and 2 in Galway. Where day 1 was your arrival day in Ireland and travel to Galway, and day 2 was a tour of Galway City. For this blog I will branch out to a part of Galway County that is IMHO the most beautiful part of Ireland, the Aran Islands, and in particular the island of Inishmore (Inis Mór in Gaelic), the largest of the three islands. 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Heathrow: Two Hours of Purgatory

 Soooo… Despite all the advice you see on the web, including this blog, you decided to book your flight through Heathrow. Yeah …. I know … it was much cheaper … you could only get frequent flier tickets that went through Heathrow … blah, blah, blah … OK folks, did you NOT think that might have been a clue?!!     

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Galway - Eat, Drink, and Be Merry - Accomodations

Choosing accommodations while traveling is very personal and depends on lots of factors from your height; to how heavy you sleep; to how convenient you want to be to sites and restaurants; to how much you want to pay ….  and many more factors. I will not try to make this decision for you, but I will point out the general localities for lodging in Galway and list some pros and cons.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Irish Accomodations: The Overview

Update: 20-May 2016
As has been the case with the rest of the blogs on Galway, I need to first hijack the Galway discussion to give some general background information regarding accommodations in Ireland. I’ll start again with the usual disclaimer: This is a summation of my experiences. Your mileage may vary.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Pre-Trip Homework

Update: 20-May 2016
This blog is for those who believe trip preparation is as much fun as the trip. The subject is not about putting together an itinerary, hopefully my other blogs and travel websites help with that. I've assembled a list of things to better prepare you for the Culture and History of Ireland.  In other words, this is your pre-trip World Cultures and History Class homework... But this will be much more fun than when you were in Middle School (6th class)!

Friday, January 15, 2016