Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Chicken or the Egg? - A Year in Ireland - Part 1

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  1. OH! Heavens, "a little startling"? Your comments about the garda who tend to bank business by jumping out of SUVs and strategically surrounding an armored vehicle made me bust out in a laugh. Not for the funny business of seeing up close a collection of stern looking soldiers bearing machine guns, but because of something that happened. While in Ennis I was walking with my mother and aunt. We came upon a bank exchange kind of process (So I learned a short while later.). It was surreal as we first tried to figure out what we came upon. You know, machine guns are surprisingly much more threatening in real life than the impression TV/movies give. Anyway, we opted to NOT walk toward the scene. Actually as it happened, instead the scene proceeded toward us. Oh goody. A cameo-clad troop with big guns slung over shoulders marched purposefully right on toward us. And as they passed several of them smiled warmly and spoke softly a nice greeting. The contradictions of a man dressed for one thing but with a face that offered kindness through me. As we walked further on, guess who we encountered again. On the second and third passing soldiers winked. No, I did not begin to wonder if they wondered if I was following them. Totally kept my ideas sensible ... Kind of anyway. Days later, different town ... Yep, we met again. Next time I go to Ireland I am not wearing a lime green jacket. Hard to be discrete in lime green. Sheese.

    Love the posts. What fun. And informative.

    Becky lead me to your site. I am Tricia Goodman, one of Becky's math teachers from Stony Point HS days.