Sunday, March 27, 2016

Heathrow: Two Hours of Purgatory

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  1. In case anyone is wondering about the layers of process in Heathrow, here's why:
    1. You have to complete a landing card and enter the UK because the UK and Ireland have a Common Travel Area similar to the Schengen area which makes Ireland essentially a domestic flight.
    2. The border patrol then collects your biometrics as you enter the departure hall because there are a mix of foreign and domestic flights and they need to verify that you've been approved to enter the country.
    3. You then go through security because like the US, the UK doesn't trust anyone else's security.
    4. Finally as you go from the departure hall to your gate your biometrics are checked as an expedited "re-entry" into the UK.

    You can avoid most of this by transiting through almost any other airport in the EU. I have transited Frankfurt and Zurich bound for another Schengen country and simply had to go through immigration which was quick. A transit to Ireland (or another non-Schengen country) wouldn't even require that stop. Under most circumstances, a trip through security wasn't even necessary.